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US PATENTS: US10,041,403B2  AND  US10,125,678B2   UK PATENTS: GB2504830  AND  GB2537554

So who needs such technology?
The simple answer is, everyone who uses portable power outside home, office and civilisation . Owning a device that generates electrical power is common, but moving such a device whilst walking long distances with ease, could  prove to be  more difficult. Genblok technology provides a powerful energy source and a personal carrying solution in one product. 



About 10 years ago I was looking to purchase a light weight portable generator to provide me with sufficient electrical power to work outdoors and operate various electrical appliances like a small fridge, air conditioner, lights and power tools.


I thought that somebody had already manufactured a back carriable power generator to enable the convenience of transporting it by foot to remote areas, but I couldn't find one. I soon discovered that such a category didn't even exist, excluding specialised military adapted generators which were  not commercially available.


Our world is constantly evolving and electrical energy is considered critical. It's probably as important as carrying other essentials like water and food. So I decided to create such a device. Soon after I have ventured on a long and challenging journey to develop this patented category of products.  

Amir Golad



Alpha 7 Ltd - Emek Hefer Israel  R&D + Prototyping 

Alphahome Systems - London UK UK Marketing & Admin​

Golmat Group - Emek Hefer  Noise Control & Insulation

Barrus UK - Bicester UK Assembly testing​ & servicing

Dark Clouds
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Our UK A7R21 model being assembled and ready for further adjustments in preparations for testing and exhausts modifications

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